Built with a strong sense of community pride and leadership, the Mooseheads have developed into a valuable community asset.  The community has been extremely supportive of the Mooseheads and we feel it is important to return this support in any way we can.  Since our inception in 1994, the Halifax Mooseheads organization utilizes the unique resources of the hockey club to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of children and youth.  The Mooseheads enjoy being able to aid these organizations raise much needed funds by supplying them with merchandise items for auctions, prizes and special events.

If you are seeking a donation package from the Halifax Mooseheads Organization, please read the donation request policy below.  

 - To maximize our efforts, we support disadvantaged youth, development and educational programs, and youth hockey programs, preference is given  to organizations and requests that address one or more of those areas of focus

 - Donations are given priority to local youth and educational programs as well as non-profit organizations where the proceeds go to local children and charities  

- No monetary donations are given

- Tickets to Mooseheads games will not be donated

- Due to the large number of requests, no jersey donations are given (however, if you would like to purchase a jersey from Antlers, we are able to have the team autograph it for your event) *Please note, this is applicable for the Regular Season; team signed jerseys are NOT available during the Playoffs*

- A donation request form must be completely filled out and submitted to the Halifax Mooseheads Hockey Club two weeks prior to the date of the event

- Once the application is filled out and submitted, applicants will receive a phone call or an email confirming the receipt and status of the application. Due to the high volume of requests which we receive, telephone inquiries regarding donation status are discouraged.

- Upon confirmation of donation status, donations packages must be picked up at the Halifax Mooseheads Merchandise store, Antlers located across from the box office in the Metro Centre (store hours are Mon - Fri 11am - 5pm)

Thank you for your expressed interest in the Halifax Mooseheads and very best wishes for a successful event!

Minor Hockey Donation Form
-For all minor hockey related donation requests please fill out the form above.

Community Event Donation Form 
-For all other community event donation requests (non-hockey related) please fill out the form above.